Epic Graffiti "Starry Night in the Dessert" on a High Gloss Acrylic Wall Art, 32" x 32"

Nestled together is a starry sky with the elusive Mobius Arch. Imagine you're a cowboy settling down for the night. Now you can own this natural landmark! Vivid colors on a large 32" x 32" acrylic surface, this wall art is perfect for your home or office. Pre-mounted frame on the back make it ready to be hung right out of the box. The strong acrylic gives it an unparalleled gorgeous glossy finish.
  • Frameless, contemporary wall art on high gloss acrylic
  • Acrylic is light weight, strong, safe, and durable
  • Pre-mounted frame on the back easy hanging right out of the box
  • Back frame creates a floating effect on the wall
  • Easily cleaned perfect for hotels, homes, and offices

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