Epic Graffiti "Fly Like a Dragon, Jump Like a Tiger" by River Han, Giclee Canvas Wall Art

"Fly Like a Dragon, Jump Like a Tiger" by River Han. Featuring a dragon in the sky, and tigers fighting for dominance of the land. The Chinese characters translates to "Fly Like a Dragon, Jump Like a Tiger. This is a metaphor that describes one that has imposing manners, is vigorous, active, and spirited. The calligraphy underneath contains a poem. The poem comes from the 42nd/166th volume of the "Full Tang Poetry (by Li Bai from the Tang dynasty);" which a dragon and tigers are described. River Han is a retired architect with a lifetime experience in traditional, Chinese calligraphy and brush painting. He currently resides in California.
  • Giclee artwork, printed on high quality archival grade canvas, Made in USA
  • Stretched and ready to hang
  • Officially Licensed Digital Print, Artist: River Han
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