Epic Graffiti 'Elegant Pattern 3' by Irena Orlov, Giclee Canvas Wall Art

'Elegant Pattern 3' by Irena Orlov. Irena Orlov is a contemporary artist of any many disciplines ranging as a fine artist, architect, designer, illustrator, and photographer. Having love in art in many media, Orlov doesn’t limit herself to just one and finds herself using mixed media based on her mood and emotions. It’s with that spirit and energy, she encourages the viewer to interpret it their own way. According to Orlov: “Life unfolds only in moments. Capturing moments that are full of emotion is the key to my art.” Being very versatile in these mediums, she’s lived in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Canada, and recently lives and works in Los Angeles.
  • Giclee artwork, printed on high quality archival grade canvas
  • Stretched and ready to hang
  • Digitally Licensed Print, Artist: Irena Orlov
  • Made in USA
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