Bare Decor Peter Genuine Solid Teak Wood Toilet Mat, 20x18

Don't subject yourself to the standard toilet rugs that quickly become a petri dish for all of the bacteria that comes when nature calls. Made of responsibly harvested solid teak wood, the Peter Toilet Mat is rich in natural oils and will not absorb moisture, making it incredibly resistant to mold growth. Indulge yourself with an at-home spa feeling while simultaneously adding a rich warm touch to any bathroom decor. The rubber pegs on the bottom add extra slip resistance and grip to the mat. There is plenty of room for feet of all shapes and sizes while not protruding out in the way of anything else. The u-shape cutout fits perfectly around a standard toilet, giving your bathroom a high end custom look.
  • INDULGE YOURSELF with this luxurious teak toilet mat - no more cold bathroom floors or wet rugs! Our toilet mat provides a warm, comforting, and rich touch to any bathroom decor.
  • TEAK WOOD is the top material for mold and mildew resistance! No more soggy, stinky, mildew infused toilet rugs that are harboring gross bacteria!
  • NON-SLIP rubber pegs are attached to the bottom of the mat to further reduce the risk of slipping and sliding, creating peace of mind for all who use it.
  • LARGE enough to offer plenty of room for feet of all shapes and sizes, yet doesn't stick out or get in the way thanks to the U-SHAPE cut out that perfectly fits around any standard toilet.
  • DIMENSIONS: 20"W x 18"L x 1"H