Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles in Solid Teak Wood (Set of 10)

The EZ-Floor interlocking flooring tiles in a solid teak wood with an oil finish . No glue or tools are required - just snap the interlocking tiles together. Can be used for indoor or outdoor settings. Perfect for a entryway, mudroom, deck, terrace, showers, bathrooms, pools or anywhere in between. Solid hardwood - scratches can be sanded out. The teak is responsibly harvested in Indonesia. It's regularly inspected and every shipment receives Indonesian government clearance for compliance with responsible teak harvesting. Floating installation - tiles can be removed and relocated if needed. 10 tiles per box, each tile being a foot by foot in size. Some helpful hints and common projects: -Balcony 10' x 4' is 40 sq ft and will need 4 boxes of tiles -Deck 18' x 12' is 216sq ft and will need 21 boxes of tiles -Walkway 2' x10' is 20sq ft and will need 2 boxes of tiles -Sauna Room 8' x 9' is 72sq ft and will need 8 boxes of tiles -Shower 3' x 4' is 12sq ft and will need 2 boxes of tiles
  • Genuine solid Teak wood (Tectona Grandis) in oil finish
  • Great for indoor or outdoor application
  • EZ-Floor interlocking system. No tools required for installation.
  • 10 Piece Set - enough to cover 10 square feet
  • Easy DIY installation even over slighly uneven surfaces